Pain Free with Oscar

Pain Free with Oscar App

Balance the body physically to strengthen the mind spiritually.

Pain Free with Oscar. This is the first app I have ever developed professionally from scratch where I collaborated and used assets from a professional graphic designer to accomplish. I received this work form my Fraternity Brother and his Wife, who gave me the opportunity to really hone the skills I had so far to accomplish this feat. As luck would have it, the graphic designer I was working with is also my Fraternity Brother. I will say that off the bat, we all hit it off pretty well and the whole experience has heightened my passion for developing applications for iOS devices.

The Pain Free with Oscar app is an iOS and iPad App with the aim to Balance the body physically to strengthen the mind spiritually. Technically, I used Swift to code the app and the data displayed uses the UITableView class to display three (3) exercises from four (4) specific regions of the body. Once a UITableView cell is selected, a new window appears and automatically plays the corresponding exercise video. The playing of videos is done with the youtube-ios-player-helper via Cocoapods. This is the second versions (ver 2.0) of the application, and the information is retrieved from a DataService.swift file. The information include: image filename, name of exercise, duration of video, and the URL of the video. All images inside the app are snapshots of the videos. I spent a good 20 hours researching how to accomplish the various tasks needed to complete this app: multiple UITableViews, YouTube video playability, and UIControllerView segue animations.

Overall, I am quite proud that the first app I've done professionally was for a Brother. Be sure to check out Pain Free with Oscar.