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Bay Wanderer App

Bay Wanderer is an iOS App that serves as a travel guide to San Francisco

San Francisco. There is so much to do, yet so little time. That's why, if friends or family ever had questions on where to go or what to do, I was always the person they'd call. But why call me? Well, maybe its because I lived in San Francisco for 8 years (1998-2006). In that time, whether I was walking around exploring Golden Gate Park by day, or hanging out on Market Street at night, I learned there was a lot to San Francisco. Sure, there were the retail museums and numerous eateries, but what I liked most were the places you could enjoy - for free. There are a lot of them, and in those 8 years of City living, I made sure I remembered all the places I visited. Who knows? Maybe that information would be helpful to me in the future.

And it was. All the information of places I visited in San Francisco proved to be quite useful. Whenever family came to visit me, we would visit places that I would pull out of my "bag-of-places". Friends coming over? I had places we could visit, too. And if there were ever a time I couldn't be there with them, I could always email or send them a text of places to go.

Then, the Apple iPhone came out. And then, apps on the Apple iPhone came out. Then, the ability for individuals to make apps and have it available in the app store for the public to download. It all came so fast. And all I knew was that I wanted to build an app. There was just one problem: I didn't know how to code! So, what did I do next? I learned how to code. I took an online class and was immediately hooked. I built projects that the course instructors told us too, and when I finally had the confidence to build a project on my own, it all went back to that list. That's when the lightbulb went off. I wanted to make an app listing all the places I've ever visited in San Francisco. And I did it.

The Bay Wanderer app is an iOS App that serves as a guidebook about San Francisco. Technically, I used Swift to code the app and the data displayed uses UICollectionView class to display information. Once a cell is selected, a new window appears with additional information and an image of the selection. In its current iteration (ver 1.0), the information is retrieved from a .plist. The information in the .plist include: image filename, name of location, neighborhood, tagline of location, location coordinates, and a brief description/history of the location. All images inside the app were taken by me. I spent a good 20 hours researching all the places in the app and wandering through the streets of San Francisco taking pictures.

Overall, I am happy that my first app in the app store is Bay Wanderer and look forward to future iterations.